Ralph Lauren Purple Label Men's Shirt. Luxurious Silk Plaid.Made in Italy, Extra large, Preowned, Excellent Condition. $345.00

Regular price $345.00

Ralph Lauren's Best Line is Handmade in Italy to higher standards, Purple Label items are found only in the most exclusive Polo stores. Exquisite fabrics and attention to every detail set this line apart. Naturally, being so exclusive, Purple Label is very expensive - and desirable. Since most Purple Label Silk shirts' retail cost is  over $900.00–it stands to reason that one that is preowned  and in perfect condition is still desirable. But, it has to be at a great price. So, you may want to consider purchasing a preowned luxury item, like Purple Label because the savings are usually substantial. Perhaps you like the idea of paying only a fraction of the price someone else paid not long ago. That said, you may want to consider this $995.00 Purple Label silk shirt for $345.00 believe at that price it is an exceptional value.