Ralph Lauren Men's Belt. Genuine American Alligator. 30'' Dark Brown. Handmade In Italy. Preowned Excellent Quality. $149

Regular price $149.00

Ralph Lauren's Genuine American Alligator belt is an impressive accessory. Rich dark brown color accentuates the larger pattern characteristic of American Alligators. Handmade In Italy for Ralph Lauren this belt's fine workmanship and attention to detail is instantly apparent. Although preowned this belt is in excellent condition. Exotic skin goods have long been sought after due to their beauty, scarcity and exclusivity. Sold at finer stores items made from exotic hides are always expensive. So, maybe you should consider how much less you could pay when you purchase a preowned luxury item - the savings are often substantial. That said, perhaps you like the idea of paying 1/3 the cost someone else paid not long ago. At under $150 this alligator belt is an excellent value.