Gucci Men's Suit. Black Pin Stripes. 2 Button. Double Vented Back. Flat Front Pant. 42 Reg with 34" Waist Made In Italy $495.00

Regular price $495.00

Gucci's classic and classy black Pin Stripe Suit. 2 Button, Double Vented back and Flat Front pants. 42 Regular with 34" Waist.  (8" drop is considered an Athletic Cut).  One of Italy's most exclusive lines known for the highest standards, Gucci is Hand crafted by master Italian tailors of the finest fabrics available. Naturally, Gucci is only sold in the finest stores in the world and is quite expensive. (Gucci men's suits typically retail over $5,000.) This means you are smart to be considering the potential savings buying a preowned garment like this can offer. "Look like a million dollars on someone else's million!" That said, why not take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy wearing the best at a fraction of what someone else paid? Own this wonderful Hand Tailored Italian garment today for under $500. That's an exceptional value.