H. S. Trask Men's Shoes. Brown Lace Up Saddle Oxford Style. American Hides 11.5 Med. $65

Regular price $65.00

H. S. Trask patterned his shoe making after local Montana Native American's habit of only using American hides to handcraft their footwear. Leathers such as Bison, Moose and Elk to craft very durable and very comfortable shoes. His goal was achieved helping make Trask become known for high quality, great looking yet very comfortable shoes. Very well made, Trasks usually retail around $189. This cool traditional "Saddle Oxford" style is a great example of Trask's workmanship and style. But, why not pay about 1/3 of what someone else paid for this great shoe? Own this fine quality H. S. Trask for just $65.